Park Community .NET projects

*update: MVP has been running for over a year at all branches. A new MVC4 project was launched called MVP Upsell Report Generator which will generate everything about the incentive side of MVP, and then produce a completed ADP pay file.


I work on a large range of projects at Park, the latest being an entirely custom Account Cross Sell system. I cannot divulge screenshots of this system as it is a financial application. I can describe briefly what it uses…..

The new system I designed uses C# and ASP.NET in a custom designed web-app created to run inside teller consoles. It can access the needed financial data with a WesCom product called CUIntegrator (a c# library) and special connection software. It can (at the same time) access our SQL server database, where custom designed tables relate to all of the other types of data the system needs including and aside from the ACS records. Using this it provides an instantly update-able, smart, ACS system which suggests products to offer based on records attained from both places. Anything recorded is shown in histories immediately and anything recorded can be updated. There are a myriad of features in this new system and many more I may add in the future.

UPDATE! Our new name has been chosen!

some of the current features:

  • instant history on the main page
  • smart automatic referral suggestions
  • udpate accounts and open symforms (on accept) directly from the app
  • update-able user history with “flood control”
  • non-update-able member history of all non-expired referrals
  • non-member referrals
  • float teller tracking
  • all pertinent data about the member on the front page including shares, loans, notes, credit history, usage, etc.
  • custom referrals allowed
  • unlimited follow-ups to each referral, controls appear directly below record being adjusted
  • status-change with automatic follow up with date and changed-to
  • referral count next to teller name on top
  • knows you automatically and stores your records immediately without separate log in
  • automatic e-mailer when referrals come due
  • stand alone report generator
  • console control (who can access)

Another companion Windows Application was also created to create on-demand reports from the data the main app has stored inside SQL. It can drill down from all employees, to one branch, to one employee of one branch in a date range chosen by the user and in an output format chosen by the user.

This project took 2 months, 12 testers, and a design committee to create.