Based on my basic dynamic left-side tab theme, this in-house site does not depend on a CMS for its back-bone. This site utilizes PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, and HTML to keep a running tally of our Magic games during lunch hour at work! Sounds simple, but this site must keep track of users, their accounts, cards, and general info, as well as game data, board data, and whatever I can store in the database that can provide interesting stats with hundreds of games to choose from over a year’s time. This site is 100% dynamic and uses both server-side and client-side tricks to keep score with almost no bandwidth holding your stats as close as your card collection. This program will go live to the public when the “Boards” (like “groups”) feature is ready. It is now used exclusively by our group of programmers at work. Begun 8/11/2012. Site by CDRady.