Wordcrusher Automatic Mobi Creator


WordCrusher is a .NET program written as an add-on for Microsoft Word and Kindle. The program is a smart translator for Word documents. It can take a completely un-formatted document and find the chapters and create a sell-able finished product in the form of a .MOBI file. The idea was conceived by Blaine Moore and coded by myself (we’re brothers!) It began in early 2012 and was available that summer. The idea was to get out there before larger companies did something similar, and it worked. The program went through several upgrades including a ‘create-space’ formatter and support for more and more types of publications. It is as of this writing still selling as a subscription *which has been hacked by more than one group!! A distinction for your very first major project ever!! The program will soon be reaching it’s end-of-life however and be used by only a select few and those who wish to continue using it after support ends. At it’s peak it had well over 2,000 subscribers, and reached over $80,000 in revenue at this writing. The program will have been actively used for around two years and as an added bonus….showing the code got me my awesome job where I program in a multitude of languages 40 hours every week. Stay tuned for new projects in the future and perhaps a self-contained fully featured version of WordCrusher once it’s life as a subscription service comes to an end. Thanks to Blaine and JJ Fast for a great first run in the business – looking forward to the future.

WordCrusher Automatic MOBI Creator for WORD

Conceived by Blaine Moore

Designed by JJ Fast, Blaine Moore, Charles Rady

Coded and Developed by Charles Rady